Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Not Guilty North of the Border. What a relief! I'm still convinced there is no better feeling than hearing those two words...

I'll be back in the office today trying to get the computer back in order, catching up on stuff, and then finally getting back to the blog.


Anonymous said...

very nice win. always nice to beat one of Satz' minions.


Dave Raben

Anonymous said...

No better feeling than hearing the words not guitly?
sorry to hear that markus you really havent lived enough

Anonymous said...

your constant self-aggrandizing behavior and need to prove your superiority to thousands of other lawyers in south florida is getting pathetic. if you are so much smarter than the rest of us then solve the tidal wave of crime this summer where there have been 30 murders in miami or are you the type of person who celebrates this so you can have more business and get your name in the paper.

Anonymous said...

David never said he was smarter than anyone, he just happens to be one of the finest young defense lawyers in South Florida.

No Criminal Defense Lawyer celebrates crime.

Your stupidity and jealously is what is pathetic.