Saturday, July 16, 2005

Southern District of Florida Blog on MSNBC?

More than one person has mentioned to me that this Blog was mentioned (about a week ago) on MSNBC (television, not the website) during some sort of tech minute where they discuss interesting posts on blogs. Apparently, the hosts mentioned the post suggesting that the President appoint a Floridian to the Supreme Court. I can't seem to find the coverage, however. Can anyone help?

UPDATE -- Well, someone pointed me to this transcript of Tucker Carlson's show, in which he mentions the op-ed on doing away with peremptories (the post has a number of interesting comments, most of which disagree with me). Here is the portion of the transcript:
TUCKER CARLSON: Anyway, David Oscar Markus writes . . . that race bias needs to be eliminated in jury selection—quote—“Any trial lawyer who says he does not consider race as a factor when selecting a jury is not telling the truth. The problem with selecting juries is that the system is geared for relying on stereotypes and prejudice.” Boy, is that true. And this has been going on really since Edward Bennett Williams brought Joe Louis into the courtroom during the Jimmy Hoffa trial. And the problem with playing the race card is, it works.

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