Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Former federal prosecutors team up as lawyer/client

Two skilled former prosecutors -- Eileen O'Connor and Michael Tein -- have teamed up, but not the way they used to... Former AUSA O'Connor, now Broward Circuit Judge O'Connor, is represented by former AUSA Michael Tein, now founding partner of Lewis & Tein (and yes, the other founding partner is Guy Lewis, former U.S. Attorney).

Herald reporter Jay Weaver reported in May that O'Connor failed to disclose on her judicial application that two of her employees had filed discrimination complaints against her when she worked for the U.S. Attorney's Office. O'Connor, who managed the U.S. attorney's Fort Lauderdale division, has denied that any ''formal complaints'' were lodged against her by fellow employees. ''Judge O'Connor wants the truth to come out,'' said Michael Tein. "If the JQC wants her file, she will give them everything she gets from the government.'' Read the whole article here.

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