Thursday, July 28, 2005

Salvador Magluta news

The 11th Circuit reversed Sal Magluta's conviction for obstruction of justice through juror bribery but affirmed his conviction in all other respects. Judge Seitz initially sentenced Magluta to 205 years in federal prison. The decision has the potential to result in a whole new sentencing. Or not. The 11th Circuit explained:

"If the government elects to dismiss count 8 instead of retry Magluta on that charge, or if a retrial on that count occurs and he is acquitted, the district court shall, at its discretion, either reimpose Magluta’s sentence but with a reduction of 120 months as a result of there being no conviction for count 8, or the court may resentence Magluta on all the other counts for which he remains convicted. If the government elects to retry Magluta on count 8 and he is re-convicted of that charge, the district court shall then re-sentence him on all the counts."

Disclosure: Milt Hirsch and I wrote about the 205 sentence here.

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