Monday, October 12, 2020

Amy Coney Barrett's opening remarks

The confirmation hearings start today. You can read Barrett's opening statement here.

Here are some articles about the hearings:

  1. Barrett Supreme Court hearing expected to focus on health care, with the pandemic looming over the proceeding The Washington Post
  2. Many Firsts At Confirmation Hearings For Judge Amy Coney Barrett NPR
  3. Amid pandemic and presidential race, Supreme Court confirmation hearing will be unprecedented USA Today
Meantime, congrats to the HEAT on an incredible season and playoff run. It was so much fun and so enjoyable. What a great team.


Rumpole said...

Heat are losers. POTUS and I do not like losers. Only winners.

Anonymous said...

Fait accompli. Who gives a fuck at this point...why torture yourself thinking that one single question or statement matters. This is theater and nothing more.

The only thing that will matter now is whether the democrats win the WH and Senate, and if they do, how many 40 year old liberals they want to put on the Court. I am betting 4 additional, but I could see them saying fuck it and going with 6 and saying bye bye to Citizens United. Can't wait to read those pluralities.

Anonymous said...

The problem is, the courts depend upon the on the perception of legitimacy. The Republican court-packers are destroying any notion that the court is legitimate. The prospect for our union is poor.

the trialmaster said...

Perhaps the proper Notre Dame Judges should read" Sentence like a champion today"......

Anonymous said...

4:10 got it exactly right. The only question worth asking Barrett is what she believes her Dredd Scott decision will be.