Monday, March 16, 2020

Supreme Court and BOP closed, other updates

No oral arguments for the Supremes in March.

And BOP is closed for 30 days -- no visits of any kind and no movement.

As of this morning, the 11th Circuit is still planning on conducting oral arguments the week of March 30. 

District Court is still open but judges are being very good about continuing matters and trying to help. 


Anonymous said...

We were told that the SCt is still requiring paper filing despite being "shut down."

Anonymous said...

Has the 11th Circuit made a decision to proceed with the OA calendar here the end of March or have they not issued any ruling yet?

Anonymous said...

Do you mean the entire BOP? Or just FDC? What about people due to be released? (you can tell I am a defense lawyer - AUSAs would only ask about their new arrests)

Anonymous said...

The 11th Circuit has not made a decision as to the arguments set in two weeks.

Yes, people who have finished there sentences will be released.

Anonymous said...

New arrests can wait 14 days in the SHU

Anonymous said...

Why should non=violent offender be held in SHU as opposed to being released? Every new person introduced into jail population puts people at risk.