Thursday, March 08, 2018

News and notes

1. High school students are making change. They beat the NRA in the Florida Legislature with these gun control measures now on Gov. Scott's desk.  It's really incredible and inspiring to watch these energized kids do their thing.  I'm hoping some of them become criminal defense lawyers.

2.  Justice Kagan discusses her time clerking for Justice Marshall.  Here's one story: Kagan recalled how Marshall judged the fairness of death penalty trials. “I remember once he said to us that when a jury brought back a sentence of life imprisonment, that’s when he absolutely knew that the guy was innocent.”

3. It's a stormy time in the White House.  Stormy will be in the Southern District of Florida this weekend.  Not for her lawsuit.  Just a performance.  And no, she won't be auctioning off the dress...

4. RBG, the movie, is coming out soon.  Here's the trailer:


Anonymous said...

No updates on the Esformes or Pisoni cases?

Anonymous said...

Judges will sweep all prosecutor misconduct under the rug as usual.