Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Good luck to Judge Jerald Bagley

Judge Jerald Bagley was a state circuit judge for many years in Miami and was a finalist to be a federal judge on 3 different occasions.  I wish he would have gotten it.  He's a great person and would have been an excellent federal judge.  He will be a great mediator in his new business.  The DBR covers his new gig here:

His new venture, J. Bagley Mediation Services, launches April 1 in Miami.


“I’m trying to go out with very little fanfare,” Bagley said Monday in a telephone interview. “I just tried to do my job — the good work that many of my colleagues do. … Serving the public is good enough for me, and I’m proud to have spent the last 35 years doing so.”

The longtime prosecutor served in the juvenile and felony divisions of the state attorney’s office before rising to the circuit bench in 1995. His ran unopposed in 2014, winning a six-year term that was set to expire in January 2021.

“I am very thankful for the privilege and honor of serving 23 years as a circuit judge, working alongside so many excellent colleagues and support and administrative staff,” he wrote in a Jan. 29 retirement letter to Gov. Rick Scott. “I retire knowing that I have given much but received more from so many opportunities gained from my previous position as an assistant state attorney and currently as a circuit judge.”

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