Monday, November 06, 2017

**BREAKING -- Bruce Reinhart selected as new magistrate in West Palm Beach(UPDATED)

**BREAKING -- I am being told that Bruce Reinhart has been selected as the new magistrate in West Palm Beach.

I am still waiting to hear who got it in Miami.

UPDATE -- Lauren Louis has been selected as the new magistrate in Miami.


Anonymous said...

Got to have the AUSA on the resume

Anonymous said...

True, but it makes sense. A considerable amount of a Magistrate's work involves issues that AUSA's have experience with such as drafting warrants, trap and trace, pre-trial detention hearings, etc. Unless you have been an AUSA, it is unlikely you will have the same familiarity with how to appropriately review such documents and conduct these hearings. I have found in our District, that the former AUSAs are the toughest on prosecutors, because they knew how to do it right, and have exacting standards.

Anonymous said...

@1:53pm, what about AFPDs?