Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mixed verdicts in B-Girls trial

Three of the four were found guilty of some counts and one was found NG across the board. The Herald coverage is here:
Miami federal jury convicted Stanislav Pavlenko, Albert Takhalov and Isaac Feldman of fleecing hundreds of thousands of dollars from dozens of male customers by racking up bogus bills for champagne, vodka and caviar on their credit cards at Russian-style clubs on Washington Avenue.
A fourth defendant, Siavash Zargari, who did business with Takhalov, was acquitted.
The jury reached its unanimous verdicts on a variety of conspiracy, wire fraud and money-laundering charges after deliberating for five days after an 11-week trial before U.S. District Judge Robert Scola that zigged and zagged with tales about Miami Beach’s underground bar scene. Scola ordered the three convicted men into custody immediately because he found that they gave testimony “I don’t believe was honest.’’ His decision prompted loud wails and crying by relatives in the courtroom. Court security officers had to separate the defendants from their loved ones.

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Anonymous said...

weaver is such a dishonest little man.

"sensational evidence that may not have been relevant."

a cop referring to black women as pigs. thats not relevant?

i just wonder if he carries his vaseline so he makes it easier to service the USAO.

the dude has no pride.

Anonymous said...

Dishonest little man? No, that's either Calli or Tein.

Anonymous said...

To 6:20 - Calli is not dishonest. He's just a very successful defense attorney. That's why people like you care to comment about him. Maybe you should leave your name next time because right now you're coming off as a jealous loser.

Rumpole said...

This level of vitriol is usually reserved for me. What am I missing here?

New In Town said...

Where does one go to meet the famous B girls of south beach?