Monday, June 18, 2012


For all the credit Lebron is getting this post-season, he's not getting enough.  He's put the Heat on his shoulders in the playoffs.  Wade has been average.  Bosh has been hurt and hasn't been 100% since he's been back.  Miller can't hit the side of a barn.  The only role player doing anything is Battier.  Lebron has really been unstoppable. 

My personal email account (Hotmail) got hit with a virus this weekend.  What a pain.  How does that happen anyway?  I'm trying to figure out how to stop it in the future, but the advice on the net (change your password often and check your computer for viruses) doesn't seem like it will prevent the hack.

We're nearing the end of the SCOTUS Term.  Here are the remaining cases to be decided, which obviously includes the health care cases.  I'm betting that Michael Caruso gets cert in the Padilla case.  We'll see...

Rajat Gupta was convicted pretty quickly.  The over-under line on his sentence is ten years.  Any bettors?

For those who are bored and looking for some summer reading, check out this NY Times article about a guy who crossed Niagra on a wire.  If you are looking for a good beach book, try Ender's Game, which I just finished and recommend. 


Anonymous said...

I think the feds are after you and hacked your computer

Rumpole said...

Under 10.
James is entitled to nothing until he wins a championship. Ask Dan Marino.

Anonymous said...

Ender's Game was a great book. May I recommend another...The Other Side of the Sky by Farah Ahmedi?

Anonymous said...

Hotmail? That is so 2004.

Ender's Game -- great book.

Anonymous said...

So now that you are done reading ender's game, what are you going to do? play dungeons and dragons un your star trek underoos? (I can see that, actually. How you ever convinced Mona to marry you is beyond me....)