Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Applicants for SDFLA judgeship

These are the applicants for Judge Jordan's seat:

 Cynthia G. Angelos
 Alice L. Blackwell
Beatrice A. Butchko
Jeffrey J. Colbath
Theodore M. Cooperstein
Maria Espinosa Dennis
Candace R. Duff
Kevin Hendrickson
Peter R. Lopez
Robin L. Rosenberg
Jeremy E. Slusher
William L. Thomas
John W. Thornton, Jr.
Daryl E. Trawick
Garth T. Yearick

Thanks very much to my tipster for the names.

In other news, Magistrate Judge Barry Seltzer is taking over as Chief Magistrate Judge for the District, and Alicia Otazo-Reyes is starting next week as Judge Brown is retiring.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Barry Seltzer, a bright and decent judge. He brings new meaning to being Chief Mag in the Southern District.

South Florida Lawyers said...

So happy for Alicia!

Rumpole said...

Lots of state court judges on that list. Some belong...some....

Anonymous said...

Some of the state judges on this list are down right laughable for believing they are qualified to serve on the federal bench.

Anonymous said...

I'm somewhat disappointed with this list with the exception of Judge Thornton. There are so many excellent lawyers in private practice--both civil and criminal--that would make great judges, but they never seem to apply. I know that the money is not comparable to a successful practice, but where is the spirit of public service? I think some diversity of professional background and experience contributes to the quality of the bench. As things stand presently, it just seems that federal judgeships are being pursued by "professional judges" (for lack of a better phrase).

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i'm dying to see a copy of the missing Shaygan order