Thursday, April 07, 2011

Vacation for civil division!

Everyone around the courthouse -- AUSAs, AFPDs, CSOs, Marshals, courtroom deputies, FDC guards, everyone -- seems to be asking whether they will be working if the government shuts down next week.

Most of DOJ will continue to operate:

All FBI personnel will continue to work, and all 116 federal prisons will remain open, according to the department. In addition, criminal litigation will continue uninterrupted. But the department will be forced to stop or curtail activities including most civil litigation, community outreach to victims of crime and the processing of grants.

Sorry Judges, you'll have to show up too:

As most of the federal government and those who depend on it brace for a possible partial shutdown, the federal judiciary says there should be no visible disruption in its operations for two weeks.

The judiciary pays its bills in part with fees, which are outside the regular appropriations process, and it says it has enough in reserves to keep its doors open even if Congress does not agree on a budget.
If a shutdown were to last more than two weeks, then individual districts and judges would need to make decisions about which services are essential. Some work, such as that of probation officers, is considered essential under federal law, Carelli said. Jury trials could go forward, but payments to jurors would be deferred, according to a separate statement from the administrative office.

Probation officers essential?? Even after Booker?

The 11th Circuit can't afford to take any time off -- it's got the highest caseload in the country, but partisan bickering is already taking aim at Daisy Floyd, and she hasn't even been nominated yet.

Will we get a Bonds verdict before the shutdown?


Anonymous said...

They should nominate that David O. Markus fellow. Smart kid, loads of experience, multi-tasker (litigator, blogger, Butler head coach). Why, he's even got one of them there Harvard degrees. But I think the cut in pay would be too extreme.

Anonymous said...

You really do hate probation officers!

Anonymous said...

This blog sucks