Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bonds should not be retried on 3 perjury counts

Yes, he was convicted on obstruction, but the jury hung on three perjury counts. Enough already.

I'm not sure why a prosecutor should be able to retry a case after he couldn't convince a jury to convict. Isn't that reasonable doubt? To force someone to defend against two federal trials is impossible in every way -- financially and emotionally. The government had its shot in what was a controversial prosecution. Now time to go after a real criminal.


mikal said...

I agree with you that it is reasonable doubt but unfortunately, it is not the same as a "not guilty."

I never understood why prosecutors get so many bites at the apple, while a wrongly convicted person sometimes has to spend years in prison until he or she is freed.

I am not sure the system is broken but it could sure use a bit of tinkering.

Anonymous said...

Bonds will not be retired. Calm down.

Anonymous said...

The real criminals are the pompous writers -the self-appointed guardians of the holy shrine of baseball. HOF should have the best baseball players based on their performance on the field. Period. Bonds was one of the greatest players ever, Ditto for Rose. Manny was one of the best right hand hitters ever. The Rocket - one of the best RHP ever. None will be in the HOF. What kind of HOF is that? Mark Cuban should start an alternate HOF that looks at performance only.

Anonymous said...

This is the latest piece of legal analysis from Lester Munson:

"The Bowl Championship Series obviously is a monopoly. It has total control over the market for a college football championship. As a monopoly, it is vunerable, very vunerable to this kind of anti-trust attack. If somebody, somewhere were to file the lawsuit, it would be an easy win and it would be the end of the Bowl Championship Series."

The only way this suit would be an easy win is if the other side was defended by Munson.