Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Congrats to Clerk Noble



Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Great honor. The award is usually given to federal judges.

Anonymous said...

Clerk Noble is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Surprised that this has not received blog coverage.

Anonymous said...

Over the course of the book, the narrative lionizes Patel and depicts him as a wizard who supposedly shows how “the King” Trump was wrongly accused of “cheating” to take the throne.

The book claims the king was accused of cheating by a “shifty knight” – a reference to the Democratic chair of the intelligence committee, Adam Schiff, who claims to have a “paper” from a “steel” box attesting to wrongdoing.

But Patel writes that he then found evidence that the slug “Keeper Komey” – a reference to former FBI director James Comey – put slugs in the “steel” box at the behest of “Hillary Queenton”, who was also vying for the throne – a reference to Clinton.

The wizard Patel then proclaims to the kingdom, the book says, that “the king, King Donald, is innocent” and “did not work with the Russonians” – a reference to Russia – and “Hillary wrote that paper and had her sneaky slugs slide into the steel box”.

Anonymous said...

Wow that is a heaping pile of bullshit even for The Guardian.

"The information in the Steele Dossier did not reach FBI officials involved in the investigation until almost a year after the 2016 election, and even the then-Republican House intelligence committee for which Patel worked found no evidence for Trump’s claim." Really?

Comey briefed Trump about the dossier (creating a pretext for reporters to report on, and publish, the dossier, once the meeting was leaked) before Trump was even inaugurated.