Thursday, December 19, 2019

Raag Singhal confirmed!

The vote was 76-17.  Congratulations to our newest federal judge!  Woohoo!


Anonymous said...

Your welcome!

Anonymous said...

OMG i love this "your" welcome guy

Anonymous said...

It may have been lost in your newsfeed this week given the unprecedented coup that occurred in the House, but we struck a serious blow for freedom in the courts.

You may remember that last year a brave district court judge in Texas struck down Obamacare. Of course liberals started whining about poor people not being able to get adequate health care. Boo hoo. The libs then went to the 5th Circuit looking to salvage their misguided socialist takeover of our country.

But the 5th Circuit took the courageous step of also declaring Obamacare unconstitutional. Bravo. And, because they knew that this may be an election issue, they remanded back to the district court for a "severability" (lol) analysis that will guarantee no decision until after the election.

We should all applaud this amazing teamwork - Federalist Society SGs who brought the case in a favorable district, the brave district court judge, and the savvy appellate judges who brought the case home.

Your welcome!

Anonymous said...


Remember when you said the Kentucky governor "did the right thing" and "shame on his critics" ?

This is just out about why he pardoned a man convicted of raping a child:

"Still, Bevin further enraged critics when he said during a radio interview Thursday with WHAS in Louisville that he pardoned a child rapist partly because the hymen of the 9-year-old victim was still intact."

Unbelievable. Un freakin believable.

I think it's time for a mea culpa. If not now, you are incapable of admitting a mistake...

Happy holidays