Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Trump nominates Georgia Supreme Court Justice Britt Grant to 11th Circuit

This nomination is for Julie Carnes' seat.  From the AJC:
President Donald Trump on Tuesday will nominate Georgia Supreme Court Justice Britt Grant to fill an upcoming vacancy on the federal appeals court in Atlanta, according to an administration official familiar with the nomination.
If approved by the Senate, Grant, 40, would succeed Judge Julie Carnes, who will become a senior judge in June. She was appointed to the state appellate court bench by Gov. Nathan Deal in January 2017.
Savannah attorney Pat O’Connor, former president of the State Bar of Georgia, said the nomination comes as no surprise to him.
“Through her service on the Georgia Supreme Court, Justice Grant has proven herself to be a bright star, both intellectually and in terms of judicial philosophy,” O’Connor said. “She’s thoughtful, articulate and thorough.”


Anonymous said...

40 years old.

Anonymous said...

Trump has nominated 106 judges so far. Only one African American. #noblueslips

Anonymous said...

10:42 you must be a big clarence Thomas fan!

Anonymous said...

A poster notes that the President has the worst record since Truman in appointing African American judges and you cite the one African American Justice on the Supreme Court. Clever.

Anonymous said...

President Trump has consistently nominated and appointed exceptionally qualified people to the bench (and, particularly, to the courts of appeals). Justice Grant is no exception.


Trump nominates two for U.S. District Court in Florida
Wendy Williams Berger and Allen Winsor.


Anonymous said...

Today, Trump nominee Wendy Vitter refused to say whether she agreed with the result in Brown v. Board of Education.

She also endorsed a brochure that stated birth control causes women to be assaulted and murdered.

Yes, exceptionally qualified.

Anonymous said...

Vitter said she would not comment on any scotus case. Not Marbury, not Roe, not Citizens United, not Brown. To suggest from her general statement that she is pro-segregation is downright stupid, and quite dishonest of you and the rest of the punditry out there feigning outrage.

I don't know what you mean by "endorsing" a brochure, as if it's up for election, but from what I can find the brochure was titled "the pill kills." I haven't found the actual brochure and what exactly she said about it, but I'm not an ideologue like you who believes any hit piece they read on the net. Did the any of the democratic senators ask if she has ever felt birth control causes assault or murder? My guess is no because they couldn't advance this "endorsing the brochure" storyline you repeat here like a good little, mindless parrot.

Anonymous said...

Is it better that she has no opinion on Marbury? Is that issue likely to come before her as a district court judge?

As to the brochure this is what Vitter said:"Go to Dr. Angela's website, Breast Cancer Prevention Institute, download it, and at your next physical, you walk into your pro-life doctor and say, 'Have you thought about putting these facts or this brochure in your waiting room?' Each one of you can be the pro-life advocate to take that next step. That's what you do with it."

The fact that you have to defend every judicial nominee show that you are the ideologue.

Anonymous said...

Vitter... That names sounds familiar.