Monday, January 29, 2018

Thank you Florida Supreme Court!

Thank you Florida Supreme Court!

That's what two different 11th Circuit panels said last week. Pruco Life Ins. Co v. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. and Altman Contractors, Inc. v. Crum & Forster Specialty Ins. Co. are per curiam decisions returning to the Eleventh Circuit after the Florida Supreme Court answered the certified questions in each case. In both per curiam decisions, the panel explicitly thanked the Florida Supreme Court.

From Pruco: We thank the Florida Supreme Court for its guidance. In light of its response, we AFFIRM the entry of judgment for U.S. Bank as to the Guild policy, Appeal No. 13-15859, District Court No. 1:12-cv-24441-FAM.

From Altman: Given the benefit of this answer to our certified question, we reverse the grant of summary judgment in favor of C&F, vacate the final judgment, and remand this case to the district court for further proceedings. We thank the Florida Supreme Court for accepting, and answering, the certified question.

Thanks to the tipster for this interesting find.  According to him, this is a pretty rare occurrence, but it happened twice in one week before in our appellate court.

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