Monday, May 08, 2017

Monday News & Notes

1. Trump is going to nominate Kevin Newsom to the 11th Circuit this week. Newsom, a law school classmate of mine, is well-qualified (former Alabama SG, former Souter clerk). He is one of nine nominations set to occur this week, via NY Times.

2. Prosecutors have plagiarized a blog post in amicus brief on death penalty case (via Jacksonville Times). Doh!

The Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association apparently copied a defense attorney’s blog post in a critical brief dealing with whether prosecutors have the right to reject the death penalty.

The brief signed by Buddy Jacobs, an attorney and the longtime lobbyist for the prosecutors association, argued that an Orlando prosecutor deserved to have first-degree murder cases taken away from her after she said she wouldn’t seek the death penalty. The brief was signed by Jacobs and two other attorneys in his Fernandina Beach law firm.

Part of that brief is exactly copied from Richard Hornsby, an Orlando defense attorney. Hornsby posted last month on his blog why he thought Gov. Rick Scott was justified in his decision to re-assign capital murder cases away from State Attorney Aramis Ayala.

3. The Corrine Brown trial is set to go to closing today, via Florida Times-Union. That's up in Jacksonville. Apparently she cried on the witness stand on Friday. Any thoughts on whether she will walk?


Anonymous said...

This is a pick stolen from Obama. Dems must filibuster.

Anonymous said...

Newsom is very well qualified. Trump is doing great so far with judicial nominations. Give credit where it's due.

Anonymous said...

Is that the issue? The Alabama judge Obama nominated to the 11th was well qualified too. I love how with the GOP it's all about being qualified now.

Was Garland not qualified?

Anonymous said...

Newsom went to Harvard? So did Ted Cruz right? Sally Yates, state schooler, crushed him yesterday. Go Dawgs!