Saturday, December 31, 2016

RIP Murray Greenberg

Good riddance to 2016.  Murray Greenberg, all around good guy and father to Ben and Jerry, passed away on Saturday.  Here's the Miami Herald obituary about the mensch:
Both of Greenberg’s sons grew up to be lawyers, although 42-year-old Gerald stressed that they were never pressured.
“Ben and I would both aspire to be half the lawyer he was,” Gerald said.
He never missed a baseball game or school event, Gerald said. Baseball stayed a passion for the Greenberg men. They attended a final baseball game together this summer, when the Miami Marlins played the Cincinnati Reds. They sat behind the plate and cheered when the Marlins won.
“If you live your life like he did,” Gerald Greenberg said, “you’re going to be happy.”


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