Wednesday, December 14, 2016

All in the family

Judge Moreno has named a new special master in the Takata Air Bag litigation.  Former law clerk John Delionado has resigned, and Judge Moreno handed the reigns over to another former clerk, Ryan Stumphauzer.  From the DBR:

U.S. District Judge Federico Moreno named Delionado's replacement hours after the Hunton & Williams attorney filed his resignation on Monday.
"My private practice has taken increasingly more of my time in recent months and I believe that I am no longer able to meet the time requirements that this matter demands," wrote the Miami lawyer, a former federal prosecutor who now defends businesses accused of corruption and fraud. "I have discussed this with Judge Moreno and want to extend to him my deepest appreciation for bestowing this honor upon me."
Stumphauzer also served as a federal prosecutor with a focus on health care fraud. His practice now concentrates on government regulatory enforcement, white-collar crime, internal investigations, whistleblower lawsuits and civil fraud, according to his firm's website.
Delionado and Stumphauzer's resumes have another thing in common: Both lawyers once clerked for Moreno.
Attorneys on the Takata case have two weeks to submit objections to Stumphauzer's appointment. He has assured Moreno that the case would present no conflicts for him. The parties will equally split the special master's $550 hourly fee.


Anonymous said...

Spreading the wealth

Anonymous said...

I charge 635 an hour to handle a misdemeanor dwls.

Any self-respecting attorney would charge 935 an hour on the airbag litigation.

I am sick of these guys undercutting real lawyers and bringing down rates.


Rumpole said...

I think the thing about Judge Moreno is that he works hard mentoring young lawyers, prosecutors, PDs and his clerks and he takes a real interest in their careers after they leave him. Many have gone on to become judges in their own right. I'm not surprised by Moreno doing this, and it's something to applaud.
To quote Fast Eddie Felson In The Color of Money: "I invest in excellence".

Anonymous said...

Another idiotic comment by Rumpole. Hack attack.

Rumpole said...

I love my fans They are everywhere. It's very gratifying to be on people's minds all the time. They love to read my blog, and constantly check other outlets to see what I am writing. What more could a writer ask for?