Sunday, September 27, 2015

Supermoon Sunday

It's more exciting than watching the Dolphins.  Yikes.  SO bad.

ICYMI, Friday night was the big Federal Bar shindig.

The Clerk, Steve Larimore, won the Ned Davis award.  It's a really important honor and I'm glad we remember Judge Davis and his wife Pat every year.  Congrats to Steve!

We also welcome the new President of the organization, Oliver Ruiz, and wish outgoing President Candace Duff well.  She did a great job and the organization is in good hands with Oliver.

Finally, no jail for this former secret service agent who used counterfeit money.  From Paula McMahon:

Cynthia LaCroix, 51, former office administrator for the Secret Service's West Palm Beach branch, eventually admitted she had been stealing forged bills that were supposed to be burned or shredded. Though the agency is best known for protecting the president and other dignitaries, it also investigates financial crimes, fraud and counterfeiting.

Earlier this year, LaCroix pleaded guilty to possessing counterfeit notes and lying to federal investigators when they questioned her.

Authorities said LaCroix spent the phony money at local malls and pocketed authentic change. Federal prosecutors recommended she serve 12 months in federal prison.

But Friday, LaCroix's previously clean record and her tragic motive convinced U.S. District Judge Kenneth Marra to sentence her to six months of house arrest and two years of probation. He said imprisonment was unnecessary.

Sobbing as she apologized profusely in federal court in West Palm Beach on Friday afternoon, LaCroix said she stole the money so she could help her son, who struggled with drug addiction for years before dying from a drug overdose. She is now raising his two young children.


Anonymous said...

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Kitten wars said...

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