Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Britto sues Apple

Over this ad:

Below is the complaint, which fell before Kathy Williams. According to the lawsuit, Britto's specific Trade Dress is "strong, fanciful, non-functional, and inherently distinctive," composed of vibrant color combinations, the juxtaposition of different patterns, bold black outlines, and "uplifting, bright and happy visual themes." Should be a fun one to watch.


Anonymous said...

Shout-out to Paul Cassell from Jed Rakoff in Harvard seminar for his opposition to mass incarceration:


Just thought your readers might be interested in a different side of the guy suing Dershowitz for defamation.

Spencer's World said...

I gotta get me some of that apple litigation.

Why sue Apple? As Willie Sutton said, "That's where the money is."

Anonymous said...

Cassell also the guy who argued that Congress overruled Miranda.

Anonymous said...

I am sure Britto's lawyers are getting paid well, but how do they not see this will be dismissed as a shot-gun pleading?? Money can't buy you ... a decent pleading. Such a simple concept. Oh and typos! Simple things you expect in such a high-profile case.

Anonymous said...

They filed the case as a press release. They already won.

Anonymous said...

Val Rodriguez - a true trial lawyer. A real fighter and defender of liberty.


"defense" attorney Val Rodriguez, of West Palm Beach, said if Melgen is not cooperating in the prosecution of Menendez, he may want to reconsider.

“In my experience over 20 years of practice, when that opportunity comes up, you better grab it,” Rodriguez said, even if it means turning on his friend. “There are no good friends in federal custody.”

ok, flipper.

Apparently, there are no real defense lawyers in wpb either