Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Deputy U.S. Marshal from Miami arrested on drug ripoff charge in California

From News10 ABC in Yuba City, California:

One of three men arrested following a suspected marijuana theft is a deputy US Marshal.
Clorenzo Mack Griffin, 37, works out of the US Marshal's Service office in Miami and has been a deputy marshal since April 2010, said Drew Wade, a spokesman for the US Marshal's Service in Washington.
According to the California Highway Patrol, Griffin and two other men were in a Jeep that ran a red light around the corner from the CHP's Yuba City office on Saturday afternoon.
Following a short chase, the three occupants abandoned the vehicle near the Sutter County Jail and fled on foot.
A Sutter County sheriff's deputy saw one of the men, identified as Griffin, run into a secure area of the jail property and draw a handgun from his waistband.
The CHP says the deputy fired at Griffin, who wasn't hit, and was taken into custody along with the other two suspects without further incident.
Investigators found a large amount of marijuana in the Jeep and said their subsequent investigation determined the pot had been stolen at gunpoint from an individual in Yuba City.


Anonymous said...


25 years.

Buh bye

MC Waste Services, Inc said...

Judge Gayles needs to stand above the collusion of the controlled snitch and the government and keep this defendant in jail prior to sentencing for his violation of the bond conditions. We operate under the rule of law and the rules are for everyone...the government's rat doesnt get a free snort of the Peruvian Gold simply because he is temporarily owned by the government.

Separation of powers dictates that the judiciary not fall prey to the government's aspirations.

Judge Gayles needs to protect the rules more than protect the government's case, at least this time.

Anonymous said...

My garbage men are late this morning.

Anonymous said...

"This does not reflect the core values of the U.S. Marshal's Service." Worst quote ever.

Anonymous said...

What did you expect from garbage management.