Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Congratulations to Judge Federico Moreno

He was just appointed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to serve as a member of the Executive Committee of the Judicial Conference. This is a big honor for our former chief.


Anonymous said...

Meeeeeeester Markus!! Was there any doubt ??

Anonymous said...

Gotta be the hair!

Anonymous said...


"Hi Fred, it's John."

"John who?"

"John Roberts"

"Meeeeeeser Chief Justice. what can I do for you? Reservation at Joes? Room at the Four Seasons? Golf foursome?'

"No, nothing like that. We just went into session, Hang on a moment...."
puts phone down..."Can someone tell Scalia to turn down that racket! I told him to get a pair of headphones. The whole court doesn't need to hear his damn opera"

"Sorry Fred, you have no idea how crazy it is here. Scalia with the opera, and Ruth Ginsberg always egging him on. And Sotomayor and Kagan have this weight watchers thing where they need to meet every Thursday and Thomas with his practical jokes. He glued Kennedy's Iphone to his desk the other day. Anyway I was calling to offer you....."

Anonymous said...

it's "Chief Justice of the United States"

MC Waste Services, Inc said...

The government's silence on the Anthony Bosch request for bail will be a clear sign to the judge that we (govt and judge) should act in unison on this matter.

Anonymous said...

Loring Spolter disbarred?

Anonymous said...

FAM needs something to keep him busy.