Thursday, June 26, 2014

“You’re an evil dude, man.”

That was accused pimp, Damion St. Patrick Baston, in an exchange with AUSA Roy Altman during his cross-examination.  More from the Herald:

Baston is on trial on sex-trafficking offenses in Miami federal court, charged with using “psychological coercion and physical abuse” against at least seven women he pimped around the globe. The Jamaican national, who was arrested at his mother's New York home in December, continued his defiant testimony Wednesday during cross-examination by federal prosecutor Roy Altman.
Altman accused Baston of lying repeatedly about his past, his relationships with former girlfriends and his theft of an American man’s identity to orchestrate his global prostitution racket.
“I am not a pimp,” Baston testified Wednesday.
At one point, the prosecutor zeroed in on Baston’s prior criminal record in the late 1990s, when he was convicted of possessing stolen property, a conviction that led to a U.S. immigration judge’s order to deport him to his native Jamaica.
Altman pressed Baston to admit that he was ordered removed from the United States, and that he violated that order when he left Vermont, crossed the Canadian border and got caught re-entering the United States.
But Baston refused to admit that he was officially deported from the United States, saying it was a “touchy subject” because he had come to live in New York with his family when he was eight years old.
The prosecutor would not relent, provoking Baston to become visibly angry.
“You’re playing games with my life,” Baston declared. “You’re an evil dude, man.”
One tipster told me of another exchange in which Baston and Altman argued about who was more slick.  Baston accused Altman of being slick with his questions and Altman countered that Baston's Gucci and Louis Vuitton accessories made him slick.

Pimpin' ain't easy...


Anonymous said...

Gucci and Vuitton makes you slick? Is this 1992? Point goes to the pimp.

MC Waste Services, Inc said...

DNA makes the world a more righteous place. The Polston's decent make the best argument why old, dumb lawyers make for bad truth seekers.

Anonymous said...

Look at DOM breaking out the Big Daddy Kane! Who said those afternoons watching Yo MTV Raps were a waste of time.

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Anonymous said...

Up to me, this guy would have been castrated.