Monday, June 23, 2014

Judge Bloom to be confirmed tomorrow!

Judge Beth Bloom will have her final vote tomorrow (assuming cloture is invoked today). Congrats to Judge Bloom!

The District is really starting to change. We have an influx of new judges, and we will have a new Chief as of July 1. The DBR covers Judge Moreno's tenure here:

"Someone asks, 'What's a chief judge?' And I said, the chief judge doesn't make more money, doesn't boss anybody around. He is like the Queen of England," Moreno said. "The prime minister is the clerk of court, and my Winston Churchill is Steve Larimore."King said Moreno has managed a district with more judges, more staffers and more headaches than he had as chief judge from 1984 to 1991."I've been here for several chief judges, and in my humble judgment Chief Judge Moreno is the finest, the most outstanding chief judge we've ever had," King said.

And Judge Moore will be taking over:
Moore, who has been on the federal bench since 1992, said he is more than ready for the task that awaits him as chief judge.

The former longtime federal prosecutor is the former director of the U.S. Marshal's Service at the Department of Justice.

He said security is a top priority. Moore wants to make sure that employees and the public, such as jurors, feel they are safe coming to the federal courthouse. In Miami, the federal court complex is often surrounded by the chronically homeless.

"The issues remain the same regardless of who the chief judge is," Moore said. "We are always interested in making sure vacancies are filled and it looks like we are heading in the direction and I think the judges feel the space issue in Fort Lauderdale is still important."

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