Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dramatic guilty verdict in psychic trial

Paula McMahon has covered this trial wall to wall.  It's never easy after a guilty verdict:

Though Marks' relatives were initially calm and cried softly as the verdict was read, several of them became very upset after jurors left the courtroom and the family realized their matriarch was not going to be allowed to remain free on bond.
"Please let me hug my mom," Marks' eldest son, Ricky Marks, asked U.S. Marshals and courthouse security officers.
Other family members begged to be allowed to give their phone numbers to "Pinky" — Marks' family nickname — so she could call them from jail.
One grandson jeered at the lead investigator on the case, retired Fort Lauderdale Detective Charlie Stack, asking him, "How are you feeling now, Charlie? You did a good job?"
But Marks' two sons Ricky and Michael Marks tried to calm their family and apologized to Stack.
Daughter Rosie Marks began hyperventilating and collapsed to the floor in the hallway outside the courtroom. She and her two brothers, their spouses, one of Marks' granddaughters and Marks' sister have all pleaded guilty to related charges and are free while awaiting sentencing later this year.
Other members of the extended family shouted and one threw a Bible in the courtroom, yelling "I hate this Bible … I don't want this Bible anymore."
There was more security than usual in the courtroom but the agents and officers handled the disruption diplomatically, urging everyone to remain calm and trying to alleviate the family's concerns.


Anonymous said...

Those marshals are so darn professional....if this had happened in the reg, there would have been an old fashion state court beat down.

Anonymous said...

I haven't followed this case at all. She's guilty of fraud b/c she's not really psychic? Are you kidding me?

Your One Loyal Poster said...

David, please please please fix the posting so that it doesn't have the Q!#$%@$^%% requirement for the fuzzy numbers AND letters - it is way too hard, I am sure well intentioned posters write out great things and then fail to get them through because they cannot make out the f'ing letters, etc. I know Spam is an issue, but come on man.

Anonymous said...

You think a psychic's family would be prepared for the guilty verdict

Anonymous said...

9:41 am is right. I've tried to comment numerous times yet have failed to do so because of that stupid requirement.

Rumpole said...

She predicted an acquittal

Richard Simpkins said...

This one is critical, especially with voting rights on the agenda in Florida.