Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Sorry kids, summer's over

That means it's time for football, traffic, and... some changes at the U.S. Attorney's office.  Here's your new lineup:

Marcus Christian is leaving the local office and heading to DOJ -- UPDATE: Actually he is headed to a law firm in DC, and not DOJ.  Thanks to the commenters and tipsters.
George Karavestos takes over as Executive Assistant U.S. Attorney
Lynn Kirkpatrick takes over for George as the Chief of Narcotics
and Norman Hemming is now Special Counsel

Meantime, the government has charged two lawyers in the Rothstein saga.  From the Sun-Sentinel:

Nearly four years after Scott Rothstein's massive Ponzi scheme spectacularly imploded, the long-simmering criminal investigation entered a new phase Friday with the arrests of two Broward County attorneys accused of assisting the fraudster.
Douglas L. Bates, a Plantation attorney, was picked up at his Parkland home early Friday by IRS agents. Christina Kitterman, who had worked at Rothstein's law firm, surrendered at the West Palm Beach federal courthouse. Both are accused of lying to some of Rothstein's investors as he kept his $1.4 billion fraud alive.
"The success of such a large-scale scheme depended on the complicity of Rothstein's colleagues and associates, like Douglas Bates and Christina Kitterman," said U.S. Attorney Wifredo A. Ferrer.
The two attorneys became the first defendants to be indicted for their roles in the alleged criminal activities the now-disbarred attorney ran out of the Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler law firm. The now-imprisoned Rothstein and eight other defendants all cut deals with the federal government in advance of being criminally charged.


Anonymous said...


I think the info on Marcus is wrong. I believe he is going to private practice in D.C. by way of Mayer Brown.

Anonymous said...

Yep. Who's your (unreliable) source, David?