Monday, June 17, 2013

Justice Kagan dials Jenny at 867-5309

Gotta love this -- Justice Kagan cited the famous 1982 Tommy Tutone song in American Trucking Association v. City of Los Angeles:

Under th[e] contract, a company may transport cargo at the Port in exchange for complying with various requirements. The two directly at issue here compel the company to (1) affix a placard on each truck with a phone number for reporting environmental or safety concerns (You’ve seen the type: ‘How am I driving? 213–867–5309‘) and (2) submit a plan listing off-street parking locations for each truck when not in service.

Lots of big decisions coming out this week, and SCOTUSBlog has all of the action. Unless there is some big SDFLA news, there will be very little blogging this week...

Meantime, you can listen to the classic 8675309/Jenny right here.


Anonymous said...

Forget Tommy Tutone, Harris has been overruled!!

Anonymous said...

Poll of the day: Who flexed more yesterday? Putin during his meeting with Obama or Mikey G on the bachelor?