Friday, December 07, 2012

Tis the Season....

Another reason you gotta love Judge Cooke.  Here's an order from the docket sheet of DemeRx, Inc. v. Chrysalis Pharma Partners:

ENDORSED ORDER granting nunc pro tunc 15 Plaintiff's Motion for One Day Extension of Time to File Response to Answer, Affirmative Defense, and Counterclaim. Fortunately, counsel may take advantage of my giving spirit during this holiday season. Generally when I state that no further extensions of a given deadline will be granted, my subsequent orders are consistent with my statement. Nevertheless, Plaintiff may have through and including December 4, 2012 to respond to Defendant's Answer, Affirmative Defense, and Counterclaim. Signed by Judge Marcia G. Cooke on 12/4/2012. (eah) (Entered: 12/04/2012)

That's the spirit! 

Other federal judges have filed a class action seeking higher pay.  Here's the complaint.  From Thomson Reuters:

Pay raises for federal judges is a cause célèbre whose top advocate is the nation's top judge, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts. And, back in October, the movement for higher judicial pay achieved a big victory. As On The Case reported, the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the six judges who brought a case demanding their authorized raises were entitled to cost-of-living pay increases that would bump up their base salary by about $25,000. Though that ruling was limited to those six plaintiffs, we noted at the time that other judges looking for similar pay increases could simply bring their own suits and cite the Federal Circuit ruling.
Seven additional federal judges, including Marsha Berzon of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and Allyson Duncan of the 4th Circuit, did just that late last week, filing a class action in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. The proposed class would include the more than 1,000 federal judges who have served during the past six years. The suit, filed by attorneys at Susman Godfrey, dedicates more than a page to the October Federal Circuit opinion, styled Beer v. United States.


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Judge Cooke is the BEST!

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Well, she's very good and we can leave it at that because really, there can only be one best.

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My buddy Gail is one of the best Hoyas around. Loved watching Heat games with her during the Knicks rivalry. Continued success and fun with rollerblading. Go Heat!!!

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