Monday, December 17, 2012

B-Girls jury still out

They started deliberating on Thursday and could be heard laughing in the jury room on Friday afternoon.  Not sure what that means... But no verdict yet.  As soon as I hear something, I will post it.

The cat comments are weird, but the comment about Judge Rosenbaum's investiture was nice.

And speaking of investitures, the Senate is confirming more district judges... When will Judge Thomas be confirmed?

Finally, Richard Catalano can now listen to Justin Timberlake as loud as he wants.  Here's Richard:     Lawyer Richard Catalano of St. Petersburg was cited for noise from his car in 2007.


Rumpole said...

The total fraud was a million bucks. Chump change. And a ten week trial? A massive federal investigation? Really? Because it involved drinks and young Russian women?
Ridiculous. But as they say, sex sells, even to stuck up and stodgy AUSAs.

Anonymous said...

I guess you'd rather just let them continue the fraud? How much is too much fraud? Maybe you'd feel differently if you were taken advantage of. And that has nothing to do with "sex".

Rumpole said...

If you knew anything about this subject matter you would know the DOJ has internal guidelines about the types of cases they will prosecute. For instance in drug cases they could prosecute street corner drug dealers selling dime bags, they don't.