Monday, November 05, 2012

Hot girls getting guys drunk on South Beach is now a federal crime?

Jay Weaver covers the B-Girls trial here.  The intro tells a story about a dude spending lots of money after getting wasted:

During the height of the tourist season two years ago, a Philadelphia TV weatherman flew down to Miami Beach for a little fun in the sun.
At the Delano Hotel, John Bolaris was approached by a couple of the Beach’s finest “bar girls.” The sexy duo said they were visiting from Estonia. They ordered rounds of shots, wine and champagne while pecking him on the cheek.
Then they lured the liquored-up Bolaris to a Russian-style nightclub called Caviar Bar on Washington Avenue. Over the next two nights, he signed American Express charge slips for more than $43,000, picking up the tab for extravagantly overpriced Dom Perignon, Beluga caviar and other items, including $2,480 for a modernistic painting of a woman that had been hanging in the bar.
Bolaris’ tale of woe and regret and others like it are coming out in Miami federal court during the trial of five business associates accused of being the puppet masters behind South Beach’s “B-girl” scene, as it is known.
Among the witnesses: B-girl Marina Turcina, who said Bolaris was so smashed he was vomiting on the way back to the Fontainebleau, where he’d been staying.
“He smelled really bad,’’ she said.
 Since when are tales of woe and regret criminal? I haven't been in Court and haven't followed the evidence, but I have heard that there are stories of girls drugging the customers without their knowledge.  Clearly if this happened, it's criminal.  But even if that happened, is it a federal offense? Why isn't this a classic state court crime?

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Anonymous said...

I'm more worried about Gov. Scott's voter suppression. Now that's a federal area of interest.

Bob Becerra said...

Must be because he flew down from Philadelphia? Pretty attenuated interstate nexus. Under that def. of nexus most crime in Miami is federal because of it is somehow involved with tourism or int'l trade. Not a good use of federal resources.

Rumpole said...

Being a chump isn't a federal offense. He could have gotten a lot more for a lot less at Tootsies.... So I've been told anyway.

Anonymous said...

he got a friggin peck on the cheek. really. thats it. for
50k. what a dumbasss what is he, a weatherman?! oops...

rumpus- for get tootsie's...what about el alley cat-ey.....

Anonymous said...

gold is a senior judge now. you might want to fix your sidebar lineup of judges.

Anonymous said...

If these perps were not Russian, this case would have been laughed out of state court. But since they are RUSSIAN, as in organized crime which is what the USAO equates the word with, they find themselves in fedland where the the FBI, DEA, CIA, USAO, DOJ, DIA, IRS, AFT, and ICE think that lurking behind every tough looking Russian on South Beach is a cache of nuclear weapons sitting in the Baltics ready to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. This trial has the makings of a great movie, sort of an international version of My Cousin Vinny.