Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Thunderstorm Wednesday News & Notes

Looks like everyone is gonna be dragging this morning after those loud storms woke us in the middle of the night.  Some news and notes for this rainy day:

1.  The Herald supports Judge Cooke's ruling in the Docs vs. Glocks case and urges the Governor not to appeal.

2.  The 11th Circuit decides a Stolen Valor case (in this unpublished opinion, USA v. Amster) right after the Court rules.  The opinion basically says -- we have to follow the Court's holding that the Act is unconstitutional but we can still affirm the false statement convictions under other statutes. 

3.  AUSA Lynn Rosenthal is now a Circuit judge in Broward (via DBR).

4.  A defendant calls the former US Attorney in Chicago a "rooster with no nuts." (via Main Justice)

5.  Jay Weaver covers this semi-secret hearing in which an ex-Haiti official gets a year in prison.


Anonymous said...

A capon - love it.

Anonymous said...

What's the best way to prepare capon?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone needs a Thunder Buddy.