Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bad week for ICE

First, it was the Chief Anthony Mangione, who pleaded guilty to child porn charges.  And yesterday, officer Paulo Morales pleaded to groping women at the airport.  Via NBC:

A U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officer admitted Tuesday in federal court he sexually assaulted three women in his custody.
Paulo Morales, 47, pleaded guilty to three civil rights offenses for sexually groping the women, the U.S. Department of Justice said in a release.
Morales, who worked as an officer with U.S. Customs and Border Protection at Miami International Airport, said in January 2011 he groped the breasts of three women that were in his custody without their consent.

Pretty lazy reporting though:  It was not immediately known who was representing Morales.

Translation:  We just reprinted the U.S. Attorney's Press Release and didn't pull the docket from Pacer to check who Morales' lawyer was or whether he had a comment on the case.

 UPDATE -- feisty comments to this post...  so let me answer some of the questions: Morales is represented by Jude Faccidomo and the government is represented by William White and Henry Leventis.  Each of the three counts Morales pleaded to has a one year max, so his exposure is 3 years.


Anonymous said...

Child Porn-- sickos.

threeboysat home said...

It is almost always "pretty lazy reporting" in this day and age. The bloggers are much better than the reporters.

Anonymous said...

The U.S. government's security screening at airports encourages the security personnel to violate women and children sexually. It is appalling that no one seems to care because of the hysteria of terrorism that makes people think the overzealous security is "necessary." The government needs to wake up and smell the coffee. Enticing security officials to either sexually assault people or watch women and children on a porno-X-ray machine is immoral and beyond the pale. No wonder we have so many sexual predators running around. They figure if the federal government can get away with it, why can't they?

NBC Miami said...

What's PACER?


Anonymous said...

I love your blog David, but really how is your reporting any better? You don't reveal via PACER/CM/ECF - which you have access to - who the prosecuting attorneys or the defense attorneys are or what Morales is facing, all which as one of the top defense lawyers in the SDFL you are capable of reporting.

Anonymous said...

lazy reporting? how about lazy blogging. last time i checked CBP is not part of ICE. just an FYI. do you care to change the title of your post?

Anonymous said...

So having the former head of ICE SD Fla convicted in a porn case, only, instead of the CBP case as well, makes this a good week for ICE?!

Good point bro.

Anonymous said...

WTF 8:01, So FYI: ICE and CBP are both DHS. BFD.

BTW: DOM is a blogger not a reporter