Friday, June 15, 2012

Willie and Ben answering questions from Michael Caruso and the CJA lawyers


Anonymous said...

Real nice of Ben to go all the way to Naples to give the whole CJA Panel and FPDs Office THE BIRD!!! (right hand).

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Anonymous said...

Bubble thoughts:

Willy - "for fuck's sake Ben, I thought you were joking"

Caruso - "nothing new there"

Jaime B - "I think I might be able to make you some money at a club with that"

Jason Grey - "You mother!@#$*@#$%, wait till I get you outside"

Tony Natalie - "Ma va fungulo"

Cristy O'Connor - "Is that how many trials you guys won this year?"

Will Truman - " that it? Not to impressive."

David Markus - "reminds me of the last bris I went to, only not as much fun."

Phil Horowitz - "Leh dhof shluk kafu!"

Judge Martinez - "Atta boy!"

Anonymous said...

Not cool

Anonymous said...

Which part? It's all in fun, Ben most certainly was not flicking anybody off, the bubble thoughts are funny....come on, lighten up.

David, how do I flick off 7:33?

Grey Tesh said...

I give credit to Willy. How many untied states attorneys would sit down with the pds and cja lawyers and field complaints? And do it with a good attitude?

He actually took notes. He clarified that certain things ausas were doing were not office policy. e.g. 2255 waivers as part of a plea. He said he would look into some of the complaints. For instance, the Broward company that is charging cja lawyers gobs of money for computer discovery.

Anonymous said...

Who made them take their ties off?