Monday, June 11, 2012

Ho hum Monday

School's out, camp started, and the Heat made the Finals (take that Rumpole!).

Other than that, the SDFLA is pretty quiet.

-- Clarence Thomas is now taking the position that oral argument should be done away with altogether (via Charlotte Observer):

Earlier, Sentelle and Thomas discussed the law before a luncheon audience at the Charlotte City Club. Somebody asked Thomas what he’d change about the process.
Do away with oral arguments, he said.
Thomas hasn’t spoken during the high court’s oral arguments for more than six years.

Read more here:

-- Paul Clement guards his oral argument prep time "jealously."

-- The WSJ blog reports that Rajat Gupta will not testify even though his lawyers said in open court on Friday that it was "highly likely."  Anything wrong with making the prosecutors work over the weekend to prepare the cross even though Gupta probably knew before the weekend that it was highly likely that he was going to take the stand?


Anonymous said...

Prosecutors should always prepare for the cross of a defendant so I'm not feeling too bad about it. That said, it's a two street. If defense lawyers force prosecutors to prepare over the weekend, when they know the defendant won't testify, they can expect prosecutors to do the same with regards to other witnesses such as case agents, experts, etc. Just part of litigation I suppose . . .

Rumpole said...

The Heat stink. Just watch. Clement is doing a superb job as SG.