Monday, February 27, 2012

SDFLA judicial happenings

Judge Jordan was sworn in on Friday so he can begin working on the 11th Circuit.  His formal investiture is coming up.

Magistrate Judge Robin Rosenbaum may be moving up to the district court soon.  Rumor has it that her hearing is this Wednesday.  As of this morning, this link shows that there will be hearings, but does not list who will be heard.  I'm hearing that Rosenbaum will be on this calendar.

The JNC is taking applications for the open district seat (because of Jordan's elevation).  It will be interesting to see how many people apply as state circuit judge John Thornton is the presumed candidate to get the seat because of what occurred before.


Rumpole said...

OK I'll back off and let Thornton have this one.

Anonymous said...

The seat is for Fort Pierce, so it will only go to Thornton if that is where he wants to sit.

Anonymous said...