Tuesday, June 07, 2011

"It just works."

Apple announced its upcoming iCloud service yesterday. This is great news for those of you who live on or frequent Miami Beach. Soon, when the police smash your phone to avoid public scrutiny and accountability, you won't have to preserve the evidence by sticking the SIM card in your mouth. Your iPhone will automatically upload the gunplay and mayhem and send it to your iPad and MacBook. We live in wondrous times.


Anonymous said...

good point Professor. Why Miami Beach officials do not address the steaming turds that work at the police department is beyond me. Why they think they can smash citizens' property like that goes to show how far removed they are from reality. At least the Miami Mayor questions why his department does what it does; when is the last time you ever heard ANY beach official do that?? It is getting really ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

David: This is very witty, indeed. Perhaps only black humor will do. At the same time, the lack of response by either the United Sates Attorney or the State Attorney is turning our streets into a shooting gallery for stupid, bad, and indifferent cops. Kathy Rundle cannot prosecute a cop without a bloody video (the street version should meet even her cowardly standards) or a poll which shows strong public outrage, and Willie seems non-pulsed by it all.
We certainly do not want the situation to deteriorate further than it has. Judges need to stop allowing cops to wantonly lie in front of them and do nothing about it. There are a bunch of mostly black and mostly young corpses around. This latest video shows cold-blooded executioners who were so careless that they hit bystanders. Why, because they were so far away from the car that they couldn't aim straight and for sure couldn't see inside the car. We know the dead guy was executed because, probably while drunk, he hit a cop with his car, thus causing the issuance of a vigilante death warrant to cops so callous that they even tried to destroy the evidence.
We deserve better from our cops, but we need to have our SA and USA do something and do it quickly. Finally, our judges need to act. If they can’t do their duty and be elected, then they need to resign or just run for one term. The federal ones who serve for life need to re-read their oaths of office and maybe their bibles.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious!! Great post.