Wednesday, March 16, 2011

UM Law drops in rankings form 60 to 77

ABT has all the gory details.

Some other quick hits:

SFL has a really entertaining post discussing the FBA luncheon from last week.

Congrats to Peter Raben for this victory.

Thank goodness for the 9th Circuit.

The drugs used to execute defendants in Georgia may have been illegally imported. Lovely.

Howard Stern is the Rolling Stone cover boy.


Anonymous said...

At least UF is still top 50, now if the Gators can just get by Jimmer this year . . .

Rumpole said...

Go ahead and pretend Milt didn't offend millions of Ostrich lovers. My readers get the real truth.

Anonymous said...

Rumphole has jumped the shark. time to shut the blog down Rumpy.

Anonymous said...

David, I think you meant "from" instead of "form" but what can you expect from a former UM student