Friday, March 04, 2011

Trustee Marika Tolz charged with $16 million fraud

The South Florida Business Journal has the story about 64-year-old Hollywood bankruptcy trustee Marika Tolz here. She is charged with misappropriating $16 million in court funds and pocketing $2.4 million of it for herself.

The case is set for first appearance before Judge Garber today at 1:30. Luis Perez is prosecuting and Ben Kuehne is defending. The case is assigned to Judge Lenard. Tolz is charged by way of information so it is evident that a deal already has been struck. In fact the SFBJ is reporting that Ben Kuehne says that Tolz “acknowledges her errors and fully anticipates that all funds will be fully reimburse or restitution made.” More:

Kuehne confirmed that Tolz intends to plead guilty.

“She will be accepting full responsibility for her conduct,” he said.

I asked Kuehne if he could say why Tolz started down the path of corruption. The charges against her suggest she used official funds for person expenses beginning in 2003, but the government’s information in the case doesn’t accuse her of living a “lavish lifestyle,” like other recent fraud cases in South Florida.

“At this point offering any factual description would only be viewed as trying to explain away what happened,” Kuehne said. “She is not attempting to offer excuses.”


Anonymous said...

I anticipate jail time for Ms. Tolz and it is an appropriate denoument.

However, at 64 I wouldn't want her to spend the rest of her life in jail. Her sentencing should coinside with her restitution of the stolen funds.

If she pays back the money, she can go home. I am sure she won't do it again.

Does she lose her real estate license after being convicted of a felony?

Anonymous said...

She was always a shady scummy trustee and just a disgusting human being. It's amazing it took this long to catch her.

rds said...

She got what she deserves. She was raping companies for years and years and justice finally caught up to this POS.
Maruika, I still have a prison handbook somewhere.Do you want me to look for it so you can read up? BTW I am sure your merry band of theives you employ are praying that only the leader got caught.

Anonymous said...

My son is the beneficiary of one of the estates she had dipped her filthy hoofs into.We have been struggling for almost 10 yrs and my son has not received one dime, only the attorneys.Another piece of shit attortney to rob from a poor innocent child.Why not be fair, give my son your check book and let him write himself a check or two, or three, as you have off your account.Greedy and selfish are the attorneys, and they have no internet how the minor children are doing, nor do they even acknowledge him/them with a letter inquiring about their life. You show no concern, never have never will. Go count your almighty dollar you continue to rob from my son. James Michael Christenson, Jr. hungry and still waiting.