Friday, November 19, 2010

Baby steps

The 9th Circuit will air the Prop 8 case on TV!

According to SCOTUSBlog:

The Ninth Circuit Court agreed on Wednesday to allow live and delayed broadcasting of the Dec. 6 oral argument on the constitutionality of Proposition 8 — California’s ban on same-sex marriage. In a brief order, the Court cleared live broadcasting by C-SPAN, the cable network. It also gave permission to a San Francisco station, KGO-TV, an ABC affiliate, to provide coverage.

It's something at least. HT: BL

Judge Camp is going to plead guilty today. I'll post the plea agreement as soon as it's public. The Times Herald reports:

Senior U.S. District Judge Jack Camp is scheduled to enter a plea of guilty today in federal court on two misdemeanor counts and one count of aiding and abetting another’s drug possession, according to Newnan attorney Michael Kam, one of the attorneys representing Camp.

What do you think is a fair sentence?


Rumpole said...

Is the 924c count being dropped? I don't know this chap but when he was arrested the comments were that he was very tough at sentencing and sent a lot of people to prison where he had discretion not too.
Talk about Karma.
61 months if there is a 924 c count, which I doubt- 17 months if there is not.

Anonymous said...

Fair?? 18 months... What he will actually get - time served + probation...