Friday, October 15, 2010

The average teenager now sends 3,339 texts per month.

In keeping with the off-blog news for the week, check out this CNN article on texting:

If you needed more proof that texting is on the rise, here's a stat for you: the average teenager sends over 3,000 texts per month. That's more than six texts per waking hour.
According to a new study from Nielsen, our society has gone
mad with texting, data usage and app downloads. Nielsen analyzed the mobile data habits of over 60,000 mobile subscribers and surveyed over 3,000 teens during April, May and June of this year. The numbers they came up with are astounding.
The number of texts being sent is on the rise, especially among teenagers age 13 to 17. According to Nielsen, the average teenager now sends 3,339 texts per month.
There's more, though: teen females send an incredible 4,050 text per month, while teen males send an average of 2,539 texts. Teens are sending 8 percent more texts than they were this time last year.
Other age groups don't even come close, either; the average 18 to 24-year-old sends "only" 1,630 texts per month. The average only drops with other age groups. However, in every age bracket, the number of texts sent has increased when compared to last year. Texting is a more important means of communication than ever.

Thank goodness we haven't gotten to the point where we are texting with opposing counsel...

Ethical question of the day: Should judges be able to do stand-up comedy when they aren't on the bench? New Jersey says no:

A judge walks into a bar and launches into a stand-up routine. The bartender asks, "Is this a joke?" The judge says, "Let me check with the Advisory Committee on Extrajudicial Activities."
That's not exactly how South Hackensack, N.J., Judge Vincenzo Sicari -- alias comic "Vince August" -- got into an ethics pickle. But he did make the inquiry, and the outcome wasn't so funny: The panel that regulates New Jersey municipal judges' moonlighting said he can't decide cases by day and do shtick by night.
Sicari, though his term on the bench ends Dec. 31, isn't taking the ultimatum lying down. He's asked the state Supreme Court for review, and the justices on Oct. 8 agreed to hear the case,
In the Matter of Opinion No. 12-08 of the Supreme Court Committee on Extrajudicial Activities, A-23-10.


Anonymous said...

Bondi v. Gelber, who is the better candidate?

Pam Bondi is the far inferior candidate in this most important office in our state government.

In Florida, the attorney general does not answer to the governor, a Senator nor a Congressman, when deciding which cases to pursue and which policies to enforce.

The attorney general is the chief law enforcement officer. There is no higher official of the law to protect our rights, advocate our issues and defend our freedoms.

To this aim, experience and careful judgment would seem to be most important. As you know, retaining the wrong lawyer can have life-long ramifications. Essentially, what we are doing in this race is retaining a lawyer to advocate for our collective interest.

Pam Bondi has no statewide official experience. She has never held a political office; not a school board, not a community counsel, not one single office. Moreover, while we were participating in the democratic process and voting for those candidaites we felt were in the best interest of the Florida, Pam Bondi failed to vote in two of the last three elections. So though Pam Bondi poo poos her opponent as a politician for having been in elected positions for the past ten years, she should also poo poo voters for having voted for those horrible politicians in the past elections. Not voting is to allow your voice to be silent, to abdicate your responsibility to be informed and to care about our collective futures.

Notwithstanding her lack of experience, when she has had the opportunity to express her judgment, twice-divorced Pam Bondi ended up as a defendant in a civil case where she was accused of not returning a New Orlean family's dog after the tragedy of Katrina. Granted, anyone can have a failed marriage. But if I told my mother that I was getting divorced for the second time, I know my mother would be somewhat more critical of my judgment the second time around. Through small, personal failures, one can gleam some insite into the mind of a person. Bondi's failures should indicate something rather than nothing.

Secondly, Bondi's willingness to force an out-of-state family to hire an attorney, incur all the expenses to file a civil lawsuit, and only agree to return the family pet at the brink of a trial, shows me that Bondi does not by herself do the right thing or even know what the right thing to do is. Bondi was forced to return the dog to the family because a trial was about to begin. She had no defenses and the threat of a judgment forced her act as others would seem to act instinctively. This, too, my mother would frown upon.

Pam Bondi is not the candidate we should be voting for. Pam Bondi won the Republican primary because she was endorsed by Sarah Palin. (BTW, Sarah Palin also endorsed Christine O'Donnel in Delaware and we are still awaiting her to post her favorite Supremem Court case on her website, as she was unable to name one in the only debate she has participated in).

Florida is not Delaware, we are in dire need of a non-partisan, enlightened, attorney general. Pam Bondi will not represent all of us, she should not be seem as a credible candidate.

Vote for Dan Gelber, go to his website,, investigate for yourself what he stands for, why he has been endorsed by nine(9) of ten(10) major Florida newspapers.

Florida needs your vote, Florida needs our careful analysis, Florida needs Dan Gelber as attorney general.

Anonymous said...

This is what we commonly call a B.S. statistic. It would require the "average" teen to text over 100 times a day - every day. For those who are not fortunate enough to have such a phone, or prefer not to text, it might now require 200-300 texts every day, leaving little time for Xbox, drugs, meals, sex, TV, and sex. B...S...

Anonymous said...

Come out tonight to support Dan Gelber for Attorney General.
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