Friday, October 08, 2010

10 years for Villegas (Scott Rothstein's "right hand")

That sentence was much higher than the government's recommendation (7 years) and the defense's (home confinement). You all know my feelings on this -- a judge should almost never go above a prosecutor's recommended sentence. That should be the ceiling in our adversary system. What do you all think?

UPDATE -- maybe I spoke too soon about the sentence. Here's Curt Anderson on the details of the hearing:

But Debra Villegas, 43, will probably serve far less time because of her extensive cooperation with prosecutors, who said it was likely they would seek a sentence reduction later. U.S. District Judge William Zloch also took the unusual step of allowing Villegas to remain free until June 24, 2011, so she can assist in the ongoing investigation of the now-defunct Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler firm.

Other off-the-chart sentences are being handed out. SFLawyers covers one here, where "the kingdom of God" was invoked.

The Daily Business Review has a fancy new website. It looks really good and is much more user friendly. Go check it out.

Time for the weekend. I need to go figure out my pick against Rump.


Anonymous said...

Motion for sentence reductions are bad of the system. A sentencing judge should be allowed to take a swing at a defendant without the gov't being able to back door the judge.

Through this, the gov't retains the power and not the judge.Not cool.

Also, it rigs sentences. Judge goes big knowing the sentence will be reduced, and also puts fire in the belly of the defendant to chirp like a pig....

just ugly the whole way around.

Rumpole said...

study hard. Now we separate the men from the federal lawyers.

Anonymous said...

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