Thursday, May 20, 2010

Miss me yet?

The Rekers scandal has reached the New York Times. The article raises the question of whether the lawyers who relied on Rekers' testimony as an expert witness have an ethical obligation to inform the court of what happened.

Do Rekers' lawyers have an obligation to inform the court of his scandal?
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Okay, we are in a poll taking mood. Here's two more while we are at it:

Will Willy Ferrer and his new management staff change the way things are done at the U.S. Attorney's office?
Yes, there will be a great deal of change
Yes, but only minor changes
Nothing significant will change
There will be no change free polls

And we'd like to see what you think about Rumpole's discussion of Graham:

Who got the better of the Graham argument re life for juveniles
Justice Kennedy's majority opinion was correct and its reasoning was persuasive
Justice Kennedy's opinion was correct but his reasoning was flawed
Justice Thomas' dissent was right and its reasoning was persuasive
Justice Thomas' reasoning was more persuasive but his conclusion was wrong free polls


Anonymous said...

In your poll regarding changes at the USAO, don't answers B and C mean the same thing?

Anonymous said...

A - many significant changes

B - although changes will be few, the changes will be significant.

C - there will be change, but the change will be cosmetic.