Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"On October 4, 2010, Elena Kagan Will Ask Her First Question As A Supreme Court Justice"

That's Tom Goldstein over at ScotusBlog, predicting that Justice Stevens will retire and that SG Kagan will take his place. The whole thing is worth a read, but here's the conclusion:

So, here is how I expect the next few months to play out. In the spring, Justice Stevens will announce his retirement. In May or June, the President will nominate Elena Kagan. Explaining that her paper record is a thimble-full of Sonia Sotomayor’s, Senator Leahy will schedule hearings and Senator Reid will schedule a floor vote before the summer recess. The only theme that will give opponents any success is that she fails to express her views on anything. She will then be confirmed by a vote of 61 to 39. Ok, that last prediction about the exact vote could be off by a bit, but I feel pretty confident about everything else.


Anonymous said...

Who the F cares...."meet the new boss...same as the old boss...

What? Like the Court is all of a sudden going to wake up and decide the 4th and 6th Amendments all of a sudden mean something? Right.

Anonymous said...

The sad reality is that no matter whom President Obama nominates, the Republicans in the Senate will attack with unwarranted venom and will turn what should be a relatively quick process into painful, contentious and drawn out process that does no benefit to our country. There is no way that any reasonable senator should have voted against EITHER Justics Sotamayor or Chief Justice Roberts. Their credentials were outstanding and their views were both within the realm of what used to be considered moderate, and certainly not extreme as characterized by some. But this is where our contentious political fighting has left us. Our country is not well served by it all, but hey, as long as you can use it in a fifteen second political ad or as a way to fundraise, that's all that really matters.