Thursday, February 11, 2010

Federal Bar Judicial Reception

Good times tonight. Most of the judges and magistrates were at the Hyatt for the yearly judicial reception. Apparently before the event, Harvard Law Professors Charles Ogeltree and Alan Dershowitz (oops, apparently Dersh wasn't there) gave a talk to the judges (oops, apparently it was the clerks -- and a few judges also attended) at the courthouse.

SFLawyer has a funny post about the night. On his to do list for the evening:

Find the one judge willing to speak to me (Sam Slom?) and unleash new self-aggrandizing anecdote that reveals my wit, trial skills, wealth, humor, A-type dominance and general good taste.

Who's ready for the long weekend?


South Florida Lawyers said...

Hey thanks, but it's important to have an action plan at these things.

BTW, I saw David yukking it up with the muckety-mucks.

Anonymous said...

How do I get to give a speech to the federal bench? Wow, do I have some things to say.

Anonymous said...

Hack attack in the Herald this morning by Jay Weaver. I love the way he describes cops being charged with perjury - which he well knows is lying under oath- as simply a matter of not being "forthcoming."