Monday, January 04, 2010

Judge Graham and Judge Ungaro go to Uganda

Judges Graham and Ungaro recently participated in a training program for Judges, lawyers, law enforcement personnel, court administrators and others in Jinja, Uganda. Beth Sreenan also participated as the DOJ representative. From what I understand, it was a great experience.

In other Monday afternoon news, the DBR covers the honest services fraud debate here. And they even have a video:

AFTERNOON UPDATE -- Very sad news: there's been a shooting at the Las Vegas Federal Courthouse leaving a court security office dead, and a marshal in critical condition. The shooter has been shot dead. The link above is from the local Las Vegas paper, which also has a video. Terrible news.


Rumpole said...

Posts David has a picture of Paris Hilton in - 2010 total so far: 1

Anonymous said...

Shooting at Las Vegas Federal Courthouse

Rumpole said...

Shooting outside of LV courthouse video- one former police officer dead. suspect dead.