Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Inspectors at Dyer building today

The David W. Dyer building will be inspected today by lawyers and experts for Ted Klein's family.

I have been informed that, contrary to recent news articles, the Judge did *not* order the cleanup to stop. Instead, he simply permitted the plaintiff's team in the building before the 6 month period for filing a federal tort claim act lawsuit ran.

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Anonymous said...

The slowly rotating “smoke stack” of the new streamlined courthouse, overlooking the largest city in the Southern District of Florida – the Chief Judge’s (“CJ”) ceremonial chambers. Lightly adorned, due primarily to the lack of any surface other than 2-inch-think-glass capable of stopping a small missile, the afternoon sun of South Florida pushes through the heavily tinted windows and brushes the white hare of CJ, causing him to appear something of half man half god.

Enter Magistrate Judge (“MJ”) passing the exiting District Judge (“DJ”) in the doorway…

MJ: What is going on here?

DJ: Nothing, HE is waiting for you.

MJ: Seems kind of strange to be meeting here – now – you know we have things to do in the afternoon.

DJ: I know. I know. There was this sentencing I have really been looking forward to for the last 70 days, I had to move it another week back. Really terrible he gets 10 extra days next-door in paradise before he gets where he is going!

(laughter, but nervous from MJ)

DJ: Like I said, get in there.

As MJ steps into the chamber, CJ slowly rotates towards him, face red with anger, voice low so as to draw MJ in…

CJ: Weee have a problem.

MJ: If it is that suppression motion I granted, I can exp…

CJ: I don’t care about that! Weee have bigger problems den dhat…come in…seet down.

MJ sits in the low sunken chair before CJ’s brass inlaid mahogany desk. The room continues to rotate, exposing CJ’s eyes to the sun, making them glow….from the angle of MJ’s perspective, the Dyer building slowly rotates into view just above the cigar box on CJ’s desk, to HIS left.

[end Scene 1]