Thursday, March 15, 2007


Thanks for the suggestions in the comments on what to do about the name issue. So far, I've written a letter to the Clerk of the 11th Circuit and Judge Barkett, who authored the opinion, asking them to insert his middle name. We'll see if it works.

The story has hit the blogosphere, which I think may be a good thing. Check out Orin Kerr at Volokh, Adam Levin at Southern Criminal Law and Justice, and Rumpole, all discussing "David Markus".

UPDATE -- the problem has been fixed.


Anonymous said...

Aloha Mr. Markus!
I remember you from Killian LD! I've been defending you over at Rumpole's blog. Not that you need my "validation" and stuff. But, I thought you were a good guy as I got older and hit ya a few times in the break rounds! I beat ya once when I was in eight grade. I think I might have gotten ya again but I recall you winning a majority of them.

Wonder what happened to the other Marcus? Wasn't there a Jeff from Pompano? And that Zoe. Think she went to Wake.

Well, I don't think its' cool to constantly rip ya over there, but, truth is you got a link and this hit because of it.

Also, I remember the misconceptions I had of you in 8th grade but as you grew older you helped out (if memory serves) a girl named Christine and a guy named Ken? They were cool.

Don't know the history between you and the Dade scene, but the blog is a double edged sword as you see. Don't sweat it. Spcoli's got your back and my guess is Rumpole will back down. The others are just morons.

Later Dude. You were one of the Best LD'ers I ever went against. I miss them debate girls... (gotta get that 2AR in, i did beat ya!!!)

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious. Tell us more about the debate girls.

Anonymous said...

Judge Barkett is amending her opinion to clarify which Marcus the opinion concerns. Don't worry about it.

David Oscar Markus said...

Old high school debate dude --

Yes, there is Jeff Marcus -- a Palmetto debater who is now an AUSA.

Zoe Poulson works at Williams & Connolly in DC, after attending Harvard Law School. She started just as I was leaving, so we didn't really overlap at the firm.

Ken and Christy were Killian debaters too. Don't really know where they are at now.

Now time to say who you are!

And yes, the 2AR was really important.

Anonymous said...

Aloha Jeff,
Awesome! Totally Awesome! Looks like your blog war with Rumpole has chilled. I noticed him post something today about it.

So, you wanna know who Spicoli is huh? Naaaaaaa. I am worried Lincoln High might trash my friends car on the football team. I can't dime myself out! I'm just glad to see eveyone relaxing to be honest. To be completely candid... I am......... not going to reveal my true name. Just I remember you were a good kid back in the day and I had to figure out if you were the same dude from Lincoln Douglas.

You would never believe me if I told you anyhow.

P.S. The Jupiter High School Bathroom was one place and one nice debate girl. Gentleman don't name names. She was funky and I think went to band camp.


Anonymous said...

Whoa dude,
I just got out of my foggy van. I meant to say, Aloha Dave. I always wondered which Markus I was hitting! What's in a name? Shakespeare and Spicoli in one paragraph. Sweet.

Dave's not here!


Anonymous said...

Spicoli, my foul tempered son, sometimes speaks outside the family.

There may come a time when he asks you for a favor. The Spicoli Crime Syndicate believes in traditional family values. Being cool. 80's values. It takes courage to write under your true name, Fred Markus, and there is validity to writing under a psudonym. Wouldn't you agree?

The favor is no big deal so as to not freak out your firm. The favor is to set things right in the blog community (Rumpole is objectively funny) and the legal community.

Therefore, I stand affirmatively resolved, that blogging and the law ought to be a combination of humor, legal information and help for the public, cut-down fights, reconciliation, crude language, and an effort to help the public understand how important lawyers truly are.

Don Spicoli

Spicoli's banging cocktail waitresses two at a time.

Anonymous said...

It's fixed.


see note 3

Anonymous said...

Ever heard Billy Preston's "Will it go 'round in circles?"

Are you Rumpole Dave?

Hell, I know you are a good guy and therefore I had to comment because of those who comment rudely about you which even Rumpole begrudingly will admit. And, I love Rumpole's blog (my bookie does not). Will the answer be here?

Tune in Batman and other screen names from Rumpole: Different Bat times two Bat channels.

Aloha Dave.

Both are good sites for different reasons. Sheesh. Hopefully, Rumpole will send me unclean women to tire me out.